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We take great pride in producing beautiful botanicals for your food creations

Meristem is a family business nestled in the untouched corner of far East Gippsland near the legendary Snowy River.

Our edible botanicals are meticulously grown by hand using protected cropping methods.

We offer a variety of flavoursome micro herbs year round and edible flowers are sown in the field to provide a beautiful seasonal garnish for your favourite dishes.

Meristem strives to produce wholesome edibles for you by adopting organic and food safety practices from production right through to sales and our recycling program.

Where available our growing inputs such as substrate and fertiliser are certified Australian Organic Registered Farm Input.
All seed has no had chemical treatment and if available organic.

We use Organic Crop Protectants if any are required and love to make use of perennial and annual flowering plants to attract beneficial insects like lady-beetles and bees.
We are looking forward to future use of biological control agents for Integrated Pest Management.

Please contact us to order your selection